You make a transplant for two main reasons: to replace the old soil with a better substrate and place the plant in a pot more suitable for its size. So if the pot has become too small or too deep and the soil for this reason slows to dry completely in a hot summer day or if the soil has become too compact and limestone and mineral salts, fertilizer residue of the past, form deposits on the surface, it is necessary to transplant into a new more appropriate container with a well drained substrate as described in the previous paragraph.
Especially for a newly purchased plant, this operation is essential, as most of these plants, and I am not referring only to the succulent, are left too long in the same pot. The roots have grown now to the point where they form a layer along the walls of the container and are a single mass with potting soil. This condition is clearly visible when it undermines the plant from the pot.
The elimination of the old soil is carried out with the aid of a stick to untangle the roots and thus free them completely from the compacted soil that prevents aeration and drainage. This operation also entails the cutting of all those external roots grown very long for the entire perimeter of the container.
Having thus freed the root system you must allow the wounds to heal, leaving the plant with bare roots in an upright position for a few days, for example, stuck in the empty pot that will house, away from direct sunlight. As a precaution, after repotting, it is advisable to wait a few days before watering.
The best time for transplanting is in the spring or however it is possible to transplant during the entire growing season, then possibly, if necessary, even in the summer and fall, as if the plant is not dormant, bears better stress of the transplant and it takes root sooner in the new substrate. You have to estimate that sometimes a transplant performed when the plant is in full vegetation, can stop the growth for a certain period. In general I prefer to carry out transplants in spring, while about succulents that I happen to buy in other seasons, winter included, and that are in poor condition, I perform the transplant as soon as possible.

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