If you arrived at home worrying tha the little jar has not been reversed, instead of getting stung, maybe you're on the right track. First of all you need to find the best location for the cactus. If it is winter or at least the night temperature drops below 10 degrees, it is best to keep the plant indoors in the brightest point of the room, so close to a window. During this period the plant is in a state of rest (is quiescent) and for this not to be watered, unless that does not begin to deflate (to lose turgidity). In this case, a bit of water to moisten the soil is sufficient.
In summer the cactus should be placed outdoors for example in the sun on a balcony. you can now proceed with the irrigating quite regular, the frequency of which depends on how quickly the soil dries out completely. In fact, when you have determined that the soil surface is completely dry and in some cases, waiting a day or two to make sure it has dried completely, you can water until the water begins to leak from the holes of the pot (drain holes).
These are the basic instructions for a fat plant care. Of course I left out for now many indications more technical and I tried to be general even at the expense of accuracy, but if you can make do with what I have said so far, and if you still want to engage yourself in the cultivation of succulents, even after all your succulents are rotten for excessive care or death from an attack by pests (cochineal unfortunately), read on, because you are becoming cactophilists.
In general, to grow well a plant you have to have or develop a good sense of observation. Looking at your plant day by day, you will learn to identify those changes that will make you doubt about his health. With a look at the soil (substrate), the type of jar and the type of plant, you'll know when and if watering. You will notice the appearance of the parasites before they multiply too. At the bottom is not difficult, the ingredients are then powers of observation, patience and passion.

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