In this section you can find photos of some of my succulents of my collection made with a digital camera. There are photos of succulents of other cactophilists too. In the first section you will find all the pictures, in the following sections the same selected according to the subject or to a feature of the photo. In the section about seedlings will be documented over time stages of development.
The pictures you see show well the structure of the plant and some point attention to small details worthy of merit macro photography. In the books there are in some cases photos, which emphasize only the flower, completely hiding in a shadow zone the rest of the succulent. This makes it more difficult for the enthusiast to become familiar with the unique characteristics of each plant and thus learn to correctly identify the species.
The genus that I prefer are: Ariocarpus, Astrophytum, Gymnocalycium, Melocactus, Pelecyphora. I especially like the slightly depressed globular cactus looking almost helpless, like Astrophytum Asterias, the Gymnocalycium denudatum and an euphorbiacea which is the Euphorbia obesa. I also like all cacti with spines combed like Mammillaria pectinifera, the Pelecyphora aselliformis and Turbinicarpus pseudopectinatus.
The names of photographed succulents should be almost certainly correct for all those species from seeds, which then shows the date of sowing, since the identification was carried out by the distributor of the seed. For all other identification was carried out by myself, so if there are errors, I invite all experienced collectors to send an e-mail to suggest the correct names.

I thank for their photos:
Apostolos zabakas
David Traish
Luis Borja González
Martin Heigan
Juan Ramón Alonso

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